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  • Take Credit & Debit Cards.
  • Process Electronic Checks.
  • Merchant Account Services.

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In most cases attorneys will qualify for the best rates. Even if you are a high risk bankruptcy attorney, tax resolution, loan modification, collections, credit repair, and your clients have bad or poor credit you still will qualify for low fee merchant accounts for attorneys.

We help Law offices learn how to get set up with credit card processing. In most cases your clients will be placing deposits, paying their bills, and opening retainer accounts using their Visa or MasterCard or possibly their American Express card. Therefore is extremely important to your bottom line to be taking credit or debit cards. Fortunately most legal services will qualify for the best rates and lowest fees for processing credit cards. This is primarily because as an attorney you probably will have contracts in place that your customer or clientele will sign when you engage them in services. This reduces the possibility for chargebacks were a client disputed charge on their credit card statement. You will likely also have signatures in place authorizing the transaction on their credit card. Or if the client is in your office you will take their credit card it's went through a terminal. This also in the bank size reduces the likelihood of fraud.

We Help:

  • New or established attorneys Just Getting Started

  • High Risk Business Models like: Tax Liens, Bankruptcies, Loan Modification

  • Credit Repair Attorneys, Collections, Foreclosure Services

  • Professionals Looking to Reduce Their Fees and Rates

  • The ability to process large Ticket Amounts

  • Situations where it's your client's credit history is poor for example you are bankruptcy attorney

  • Process cards from multiple locations

  • Take electronic checks from your clients (ACH)


Typically your rates will be less than 2-3% because you have contracts and signatures in place. It some cases  rewards cards if the client uses them the rates will be higher. (this is for all banks processing credit cards). To get started please call us or fill out our contact us inquiry form and one of our agents can help you get set up and learn how to take credit card payments from your clientele.

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